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Why have I still not received my password and login?

You will receive the password and login details immediately after registering. If you use Hotmail, it might have rerouted the e-mail to spam. You should check your spam folder. If you are using or, your inbox could be full, which means you will not receive the letter. If you still can’t find the e-mail with your password and login details, click on the “Forgot password” button on the login page and set up a new password.

Can I use e-system on my smartphone or laptop?

In case of a tablet, it depends on what device you have. If you have an iPad, check the next section “Can I use e-system on my iPad?”. If your tablet runs on Android then your device will most probably play the e-lessons with a limited capacity.

The reason being that videos run on Flash software which is no longer supported by Android. Installing Flashfox web browser might help some Android tablets but it all depends on the device. system is not designed for smartphone use.

Can I use e-system on my iPad?

In general, you can but you will need an extra app. The reason being that videos run on Flash software that the built in web browser (Safari) on iPads and iPhones does not support. To watch our lectures on iPad, the best option is to download the Puffin web browser. We have tested many apps and Puffin is hands down the best. Puffin Web Browser free app offers two weeks of Flash support and can be downloaded here. More about Puffin Web Browser Pro (full version) here.

Can I file a tax return from the fee I paid to use

Since January 2016, Category A, Sub-Category A1, Sub-Category A2, Category B and Sub-Category B1 course fees are not considered training course fees. This means that you can not request a tax return from them.

How do tests show if I answered correctly or not?

The correct answer is highlighted in green. This means that the incorrect answer that you didn’t pick will also be highlighted in green because you chose correctly.
The wrong answer is highlighted in red. This means that the correct answer that you didn’t pick will also be highlighted in red because you chose incorrectly.
You can find the correct answer in the “Correct answer” section after answering the question.

How to activate a gift card?

Go through the same steps as if you are choosing a package. If you have a “Driving Licence” package gift card, read the introduction of the package under the “Packages” menu. You should then choose the driving school and the course you wish to complete on the driving school introduction page. Start registering for the course. You will see a registration form with a separate field for a gift card code. To activate the gift card, enter your gift card and click “Register”.

If you have a “Knowledge” package gift card, go to the package introduction on the package menu, where you’ll find the registration form. Enter your details and the gift card in the “Gift Card Code” field. Click “Register” and your gift card has been activated!

I’m watching lectures from my laptop. How can I make the video larger?

Use a shortcut Ctrl +.