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About Us

Engaging driving theory e-learning

We wish to offer a high-quality, comfortable and engaging learning environment for driving schools and driving licence candidates.

We began creating the learning environment in late 2008. In 2009, our young company got a boost from being among the finalists of the 2009 Ajujaht entrepreneurship. is now a unique driving theory learning environment in Estonia. To illustrate the amount of work that we have put into developing the study materials and systems, the system was given the e-course quality mark by the E-Learning Development Centre in 2013.

When developing the courses, we have based the work on new trends in e-learning as well as the needs of schools and driving licence candidates. Our goal is to make driving theory learning more effective, accessible and enjoyable both for students and teachers. We always keep materials up to date in partnership with driving school specialists and traffic experts. The result is a unique, whole and user-friendly e-learning system.

We are a member of the Training Providers Union and strive to contribute along with the driving schools to good driving culture and respect on Estonian roads.

We also prepared test questions for the Estonian Transport Administration - OÜ Teooria is a co-author of the 2024 Transport Administration test questions.


For driving schools: Why use the environment? is a high-quality full theory learning service that promotes the competitiveness of the driving school, as well as its value for students. At the same time, the driving school itself does not need to develop anything. Advantages we offer you:

  • Learning materials that are always fresh. You do need to worry about outdated material because we always adjust our content in accordance with the Traffic Act and any other relevant legislation.
  • New study materials. We always have the most up-to-date learning content in the system. We believe that the quality of material, not the quantity, will ensure good results.
  • Popularity among students. Flexibility offered by e-learning is particularly popular among 24-29 year olds who are employed, as well as young mothers and those working abroad.
  • Convenient administrative system. Students’ activity is stored in the system, giving the theory teacher at the driving school an overview of registered students and their progress.
  • is an effective marketing channel. Each month, we have more than 100 students register with our partner driving schools. In this way, the driving school saves on marketing costs by providing e-learning.
  • Find clients from further away. Less in-person teaching means less spending for those living outside of county centres, making it more accessible for more students.
  • No joining fee and no monthly fee. is only student-based. There is no development or running costs for the driving school to set up the e-learning service.
  • Easy bookkeeping. Students can pay for the course themselves with the bank link. If you wish to register students yourself, it is possible to pay for all of them with one bill. In this case, there will be a discount, depending on the number of students.
  • Trustworthiness. Transport Administration offices have confirmed several times that the driving schools using our system are of high-quality and fulfil standard requirements.

Text us and we will set up a modern traffic learning e-system in your driving school!