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Driving Licence BE package


Automobile trailer driving licence candidates

This package is for you if you have a car driving license and you wish to drive with a trailer. In addition to e-learning in the environment, you will need to complete driving training with one of our driving school partners. You can find a suitable driving school and course in the menu above under the “Driving schools” section or HERE!

Once you have chosen the driving school, you will see a form that needs to be completed to register. You can pay quickly and smoothly through the bank link!

You are only charged for the theory e-course fee of 24 euros, which is paid directly to The system will be open after payment. The rest should be paid to the driving school, who will substract 24 euros from the total cost of the course.

After registering, we suggest you contact your training provider to enquire about the organisation of teaching.

You will have access to learning materials for two months. If necessary, it is possible to extend the package by 3, 15 or 30 days.

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Access to learning materials for two months


2 driving lessons (45 min) in the driving school of your choice. In the registration form below, you can open your online account that you can later connect to the driving school of your choice


Consultations in the driving school of your choice


3D intersections, additional materials, tests, theory teacher


“Driving Licence - Automobile Trailer” package

Full Category BE driving licence e-learning package

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