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By choosing a learning package you will gain access to more than 1000 test questions!

Once you have chosen your package (see “Packages”), you should know that besides other learning materials, you will also have more than 1000 test questions. We have made driving tests simple, educational and engaging. How?

We also prepared test questions for the Estonian Transport Administration - OÜ Teooria is a co-author of the 2024 Transport Administration test questions.


Test questions from are the best way to prepare you for the Transport Administration theory exam!

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Answers with simple explanations

After each Category B question, in addition to seeing whether the answer is correct or incorrect, you will see why this or the other option is correct or incorrect. Understanding is always better than memorising!

In most cases, the explanations cite relevant parts of the Road Traffic Act, so that you know where one or the other rule comes from.


Learn from your mistakes

Correction of mistakes will show you those practice questions that you have answered incorrectly. Such a test will give you an overview of the topics that you need to study better and helps you fill in the gaps in your knowledge.


Prepare for the Transport Administration exam

If you have the Transport Administration test coming up, you can do some practice tests that are organised in the same way the state theory exam is: You have 30 minutes to answer 40 test questions. You will see correct and incorrect answers after the test. Good practice before the state exam.


Solve test topic by topic

Do you want to answer questions specifically about traffic rules? Or would you like to first practice tests about road insurance? In this case, you can choose a topic you want to practice tests on and focus specifically on those types of questions.


240 study cards on traffic situations

In real life, no one will give you the answers. You need to know how to behave. You can practice this with study cards: each card has a picture with a traffic situation and a question. You will need to answer the question yourself and then flip the card to see whether your answer was correct.

You will see some trivial everyday situations, as well as some thought-provoking and interesting theoretical situations.